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TATLOG, was founded in Mersin under the structure of Memişoğlu Group in order to store companies’ products in a fully secured environment and protect the value of the products and in order to meet the logistics needs.

Our Dutiable and Duty Free Cold and dry products storage facility founded with the latest technology is aiming at ensuring complete customer satisfaction and the facility is has been designed in accordance with all kinds of goods to be stored in the world standards.

Our warehouse is just 10 km from the port of Mersin and is providing its services in Type “A” GENERAL WAREHOUSE and FREE WAREHOUSE bound to Mersin Customs Office serves. Our facility is providing services with a total area of 30,000 m2 and 15,000 m2 open area for several sectors including but not limited to food industry, chemical industry, building construction industry, textile industry, paper industry, electronics and automotive industries other industries. At our warehouse which is located in Mersin, extremely fast and high quality services are provided by our experienced staff and technology with our superior equipment capacity according to the export and import services. In the framework of warehouse regime, we have the flexibility to provide special services for both the product and company which can vary according to the customer’s needs.

Our Mersin-based integrated logistics center with the logistics solutions offered to companies, has adopted the principles to fill the gap that has been emerged in the region and to meet all your logistic needs with our professional team which provides extremely fast and quality services.
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